God’s House Tower Reopening

God’s House Tower will reopen from 22nd – 30th October with a programme of exhibitions and events in a historic, non-traditional gallery setting, by a diverse selection of artists who all live and work in the city.

The 700-year old God’s House Tower, formerly the city’s Museum of Archaeology, will reopen to the public later this month as part of the Southampton’s first Fringe Festival.

This autumn eight Southampton based artists who were selected earlier this year to take part in ‘GHT – a reincarnation’ will for the first time as part of this residency publicly present their work in progress so far. Using the building as the exhibition venue, which is also the focus of their investigations, God’s House Tower will become culturally reanimated as part of a week-long exhibition programme incorporating contemporary visual art, live performances and participatory workshops.

The artworks shown at God’s House Tower will include individual pieces by each artist involved in the residency, a paused moment if you like, capturing their individual investigations into the building. God’s House Tower is as far removed from a traditional white gallery space as is possible, so audiences will find artworks directly responding to the nature of the historical building.

As part of the same exhibition the work of the artists will also bleed out into the wider City with displays of artwork taking place at all three Mettricks’ Cafés (Old Town, Bargate and Guildhall Square). The artwork shown at the Cafés will specifically reference material produced during the workshop phase of the residency. Each artist designed and led a workshop for the other artists, a process to introduce each other to their practices and initiate the collaborative process of the residency.

Mettricks will also be running a pop-up coffee shop in God’s House Tower for the duration of the exhibition. Other events going on during that week include an exhibition by Arches artists, Southampton In Conversation, Knit the Walls, 700 WomenTower House Creative Trade Show and ‘Responses’, a live reading by the Nuffield Theatre with responses by ‘a space’ artists. You can book free tickets for the events through eventbrite.

‘ I am looking’ is taking place as part of the wider British Art Show 8 Fringe Programme, which is running throughout the British Art Show 8 national touring exhibition taking place in Southampton from 8 October 2016 until 17 January 2017. The Fringe programme is an exciting opportunity for Southampton’s home grown creative community to showcase the City’s wide ranging cultural activity.

Tower House: Studio Spaces Available

Located in Southampton’s Old Town area, Tower House offers a clean and affordable workspace in a growing creative community.

We currently have one resident space becoming available in January. Tower House offers a dry studio environment suitable for Designers, Writers, Film-makers and Digital Creatives.

Our package offers easy In-Out Agreements, 24/7 access, dedicated secure studio, Wifi environment and Access to Enterprise Space.

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Versatile Event & Project Spaces for Hire

‘a space’ arts offers versatile event and production spaces for hire at Production House in Eastleigh and Arch 04 in Southampton.

Our unique spaces are suitable for a range of projects and events including set-building, sculpture, costume making, crafts, woodwork and carpentry, workshops and masterclasses, conferences, talks, lectures, film screenings and more.

Our affordable rates allow the spaces to be hired from as little as three hours to over a month and hirers can benefit from a range of features and discounts on block booking.

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‘a space’ arts is a registered charity providing opportunities for emerging artists and engaging the local community with high quality artistic experiences.

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