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Ryan Ward

Hands On Printing is a small independent printing studio based in the heart of Southampton. Specialising in screen printing we offer a range of services including textile printing, Paper and card and stickers. Using High quality inks and equipment we strive to achieve accurate and efficient prints to meet almost any criteria. We aim to meet the high quality and demands for producing band merchandise and independent clothing labels.


Chris Cudlip

Chris has a background in special effects working as a freelance figurative sculptor and prop maker in London working for companies as varied as English national Opera, Madame Tussauds and Pinewood Studios He is now pursuing a solo career from the Arches Studios complex based in Southampton where he available for public or private commissions of any size.


Jilly Evans

In using stereotypical female mediums like knitting  I endeavour to find an appropriate language for ‘woman’ within our culture.    It is important my work looks aesthetically  pleasing and decorative  then within it I juxtapose the use of  aggressive, non-feminine language and concepts of the feminine and female. Humour can play an important and deliberate role within my work.   Initially to disarm the viewer  until they realise the underlying subversion within the piece undermining the established and historic traditions of these female mediums.

Scott Bradley

My work involves going out into the world and finding objects that have been discarded, deemed useless and giving them another little existence through animation and sculpture.

Pauline Pratt

People are ever present in Pauline’s work but we only sense their presence, guess at personalities, question if they are one on their own or part of a community. A recent commission to illustrate this was inclusion in Brilliance 2013, a public art event in Poole, where Pauline created a UV light intervention in a historic alleyway near the quay.


Andy Milwain

I am a drum maker. Using various oils, dyes and waxes I highlight the natural grain of a variety of woods and produce various finishes to shells custom built to my specification from top UK shell makers. I build stock snare drums as well as custom order snares. This, again, is by using a choice of woods of various sizes and thicknesses. These come with different suggestions and recommendations for hardware.


Greta Staron

My work is characterised by experimentation with new mediums and themes, quick and energetic mark making and strong illustration for many different projects. I can produce a lot of work in a short time, helping me give clients great choice for the final ideas. My major theme is humanity, demonstrated through my investigation of faces and the human body.Also I am using a digital tools to produce images as Ipad or Photoshop which gives me more freedom and fun in my practice.


Jo Willoughby

Embracing an experimental practice, I consider the potential semiotics of the seemingly mundane, focusing on symbols, signs, markers and tokens in the everyday, attempting to piece together ambiguous and potentially familiar narratives. I am particularly interested in how humans interact with the world around them, and how touch, action and thought process can be represented with seemingly static assemblages and installations.


Jaime West

Sculptor; Fine artist; and Modelmaker. Specialising in hyper-realism and Wood Carving. With Art and Design Diploma, ‘Winchester School of Arts Achievement Award’ and BA Hons Degree in Modelmaking. Currently sculpting an Exhibition piece and preparing to host Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes (Arch 4, every Tuesday, 7pm). Through free ‘Sahaja Yoga’, simple techniques have shown (among numerous other benefits) to enhance artistic creativity.

For further details of this transformational experience, please visit: www.freemeditation4all.org

For Sculpting workshops/classes, please call: 07928 582205.

Biscuit Collective

Two illustration graduates, based in Southampton, who have come together to create new and exciting illustrations as well as support each other in their own work. Our collaborated work involves allowing images to grow and expand in the process of constantly passing the image between one another. During this process we do not know exactly what the final image will be but make conscious decisions that allow the image to grow in its own way, making it unique. We have progressed through trying different techniques and ideas using this process.


Jeremie Glaze

Jeremies work explores the painting process in its own essence. Approaching as much the visual elements composing it, such as colour, line and geometrical form, as the surface and materials involved. Through this process Jeremie investigates the balance between balance and colour in the manner of modernist painting. The notion of texture is a crucial theme, not only in the application of the paint, but also encompassing the way to provide a feeling of softness or voluptuousness to the viewer. These concerns about the estheticism are the result of a wide range of inspirations; and sciences – physics, mathematics or optics, opera music, chess and literature daily build the basis of my creativity and visual aspirations.


Nicky Anderson

The work I produce considers the ‘disturbance’ between Human, Technology and Environment.Intrinsically linking the three through installations and film I explore their haphazard journey. From simplicity to complexity of process to somewhere in the middle place, my work continually questions the perpetual need for balance.

Lizzie Jones

Lizzie currently makes paintings, prints, zines, giant puppets and participatory performances. The work often highlights issues of militarism and peace, by playful means and alongside Puppet Back Up, with sketchy turning-up situations in time. Lizzie’s paintings reflect on more intimate challenges of daily life as well as nature’s delights.

Puppet Back Up

Kirsty Smith

Kirsty’s work, mainly in video and sculpture, is focused around language, gesture and form. Video is used to abstract and reduce different gestural movements of the body: the way that we unconsciously communicate, through gesture, is of particular interest to her. This formal, minimal language is brought into focus through the constraints brought to it by the idea of the screen: it’s framing and locating of gestures in space and time. Sculptural works use Perspex to suggest new perspectives on space, while architectural features are played off to encourage the viewer to observe their position in that space.


Tim Caves

I make wooden flutes which are modern copies of the classical flutes used by orchestras in the 19th century and earlier , I also repair woodwind instruments.

I am principally a creative artist who has turned his hand to making flutes, if you buy or commission a flute from me I regard the manufacture as an artist endeavour rather than as producing a product. I suspect this artistic philosophy will not make me wealthy but hopefully will leave the world with some good flutes. If your need further details visit my website.


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