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Campaign 4 – Autumn 2009

See Sgt Bargate continue his journey and find in a quite different occupation again. This time he’s a train driver from a classic silent movie scene. The question we need to ask is: Is he trying to stop the train or speed it up?

In September 1910 Charlie Chaplin and Arthur Stanley Jefferson, later to become Stan Laurel, set sail from Southampton Docks on the SS Cairnrona to seek their fortunes in America. They landed in Quebec and took the train to New York. What became of these two young hopefuls has passed into Hollywood Legend. Lesser known however is the disagreement between the two stemming from Laurel’s belief that Chaplin stole and exploited the idea of the ‘tramp’ sketch. The two never spoke again. Disagreements aside the setting of Southampton Docks provided the departure point for two of the finest exponents of the silent movie genre and two iconic careers destined for immortality on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Where next will our brave hero go? If you have any suggestions for the future adventures of Sgt Bargate, please e-mail us, we would love to hear them.