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This page allows you to view the story of the artwork campaigns produced by a space for the Bargate Monument Gallery.

Campaign 2 – Autumn 2007


Sgt Bargate’s second adventure through English eccentricities and Southampton history sees him in much changed circumstances.

He has taken a lead from Bartletts Travelling Lion Circus, a frequent visitor to the city in years gone by. Although still sporting his fine moustache he is now portrayed with the face of a lion. Possibly from the circus or maybe from the mythical tale of Sir Bevis and the Lady Josian. Sir Bevis, our very own local hero, rescued his Lady from these terrible beasts of Lions who held her captive. They are now tamed and stand guard outside the Bargate to protect the city. In his hand the Sergeant holds Morglay, the magic sword of Sir Bevis. On his death bed Bevis threw the sword and asked to be buried where it fell. The area it landed in is what we call Bevois Valley to this day.

Artist Credit


Founded in 2001, Shogun Graphic Systems® was born from a love of disparate graphic styles, cultures & influences. A desire to create contemporary, dynamic artwork and illustration peppered with pop culture references constantly shapes, informs & determines the nature & content of the Shogun® design ethos. Forged in the fires of a boyhood obsession with Marvel & DC comics, Manga animation, street art, a host of cult movies & TV shows, & a fascination with Japanese culture & the way of the Samurai, Shogun® seeks to broaden creative horizons through forward thinking, graphic design & illustration across a variety of private and commercial platforms.

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