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This page allows you to view the story of the artwork campaigns produced by a space for the Bargate Monument Gallery.

Campaign 3 – Summer 2008


Chocks away! As Sgt Bargate departs for his third adventure. But who is this dashing fellow who had undergone yet another transformation? Why, it’s Sgt Bargate, now a daring Spitfire pilot ready to go out and defend our city from invading forces.

The iconic British plane, the Spitfire was designed by R. J. Mitchell who was chief designer at Supermarine Aviation Works in Woolston. Much loved by its pilots, the Spitfire saw service throughout the whole of the WW2. It continued to serve as a front line fighter and in secondary roles for several air forces well into the 1950s.

Southampton suffered serious bombing during WW2 but the worst nights were 30th November and 1st December 1940. When 2631 high explosive bombs and 30652 incendiary bombs were fell on the city. During the bombing that night 630 citizens were killed and 1900 injured. 3589 buildings were destroyed and 40000 damaged, it is an amazing fact that the bargate still stands!

Artist Credit


Founded in 2001, Shogun Graphic Systems® was born from a love of disparate graphic styles, cultures & influences. A desire to create contemporary, dynamic artwork and illustration peppered with pop culture references constantly shapes, informs & determines the nature & content of the Shogun® design ethos. Forged in the fires of a boyhood obsession with Marvel & DC comics, Manga animation, street art, a host of cult movies & TV shows, & a fascination with Japanese culture & the way of the Samurai, Shogun® seeks to broaden creative horizons through forward thinking, graphic design & illustration across a variety of private and commercial platforms.

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