zzzzz -About the Bargate

Southampton’s most historic monument has re-opened to the public. Funded by the South East England Development Agency and with the support of Southampton City Council, the Bargate has been refurbished and given a new lease of life as the Bargate Monument Gallery. The 800-year-old monument stands at the heart of Southampton’s city centre. The Bargate was originally built as the main gateway to the medieval city and has held a number of important positions throughout its history. These include being the city’s guildhall (until the 1770’s), the police headquarters during WW2 and now a contemporary art gallery.

The Bargate

The Bargate Monument Gallery is located in the upper floor of the Bargate Monument, the Medieval gateway to Southampton’s Old Town. The entrance is found in the South East Corner.

Unfortunately there is limited access to the gallery for the mobility impaired due to a listed, historic and steep staircase at the entrance. We provide large print guides for the visually impaired. The nearest disabled parking is at the shop mobility centre off Castle Way.

*For a full access statement please contact the arts organisation a space