Catalyst Part 1 & 2

The concept for Catalyst has been developed to push the practice of all the residents from the Arches studios in new directions for the start of 2009. The artists have used this opportunity to start and develop these projects allowing the public a glimpse into their ongoing creative practice. The result of these new developments will be exhibited across two exciting shows.

Catalyst Part 1 > 24th January – 1st March 2009

Showing new work by Jonny Hannah, Stuart Rodda, Lizie Ault, Pauline Pratt, Kate Grenyer, James Maher, Roger Jarvis and Joe Ross.

Catalyst Part 2 > 14th March – 19th April 2009

Showing new work by Chris Cudlip, Ingrid Wheeler, April Mahwinney, Jo Lapage, Stephanie Hood, Tania Robertson, Lizzie Jones, Alys Hawkins and Andy MacCallum.