Cut to the chase!


July 4th – 30th August

The third annual open exhibition to be held at the Bargate Monument Gallery will feature a diverse range of new work by emerging artists.

Cut to the chase! – Should art have a message? If it does, how is it best communicated? Should art shout its message from the rooftops or are subtle and hidden meanings more effective? Can visual art communicate in ways other art forms cannot? How can artists be heard through the overload of visual culture?
Why don’t artists just stop dithering and Cut to the Chase?

Cut to the chase! Features work by Siobhan Barr, Christopher Bond, Day Bowman, Deepa Craig, Anne Guest, Ian Kirkpatrick, Bryan Lavelle, Albert Potrony, Alan Schechner, Alke Schmitt, Maaike Stevens, David Theobold and Raymond Wong.

Special projects for Cut to the Chase!


Relay, a new platform brought to you from the creator of Rules and Regs!

Relay challenges 8 artists to create a new work in just 48 hours! An object will be presented to the 1st artists and they have 48 hours to make a response, before passing the object on. Eight artists will participate in the process over the course of the exhibition! Will anyone drop the baton? Come in each week to see how the object has changed.

Saturday 29th August – 7:00 til late

Testing Grounds, an exciting new event to stimulate the senses!

This informal, exploratory project enables artists to use the gallery for exploration into new areas of work, mixing performance, live art, sound and movement, providing an exciting finale to Cut to the Chase!

Contact the gallery at for booking information. Tickets are free, but must be reserved.