Filthy Luker : Domestic Fouls and Other Wrong Doings

17th July – 29th August 2010

Filthy Luker is internationally renowned for his larger than life urban installations, often producing impeccably designed inflatable sculptures with stealth efficiency and to maximum visual impact. His work ranges from giant and spectacular to small and curious, including a series of interventions with objects found in the city, bringing the mundane to life and creating  a world of unexpected creatures and characters.

In his first solo show, produced for a space, he brings some of his latest manifestations in from the street to create a fantasy world of ASBO traffic cones, disgruntled furniture and humorous takes on taxidermy. The show will also be an opportunity to see large images of his extensive portfolio of works and the public debut of his first short film,  involving interventions with the unsuspecting citizens of Southampton.

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In case you missed it – heres a highlight from the show