Legends of Circumstance


13th Feb – 21st March 2010

Exhibition curated by Frances Disley and Dave Evans.

Legends of Circumstance comes to a space from London bringing with it a series of works that celebrate the disillusionment and disaffection of the anti-hero. These artists look below the surface gloss of popular culture, utopian ideals and sanitised media fantasies to wallow in the underworld with the corrupt, sullen, selfish, addicted and scurrilous! The artists in this show explore these ideas through the individuals who represent lost humanity and the undercurrents which can often come to the fore in times of recession and financial crisis. Yet as the title Legends of Circumstance suggests, the reluctant protagonists in this show do, in the end, emerge triumphant.

Artists Featured include Gareth Brookes, Adam Dant, Frances Disley, Dave Evans, Mikey Georgeson, John Hewitt, Mark Hampson, Peter Lloyd, Ryan McClelland, Laura Oldfield Ford, John Strutton and James Unsworth.