a collaborative installation by sarah filmer, helen marland, and steve white

mestopolojenie has emerged from a collaborative process, locating parallels within three practices. it has, ironically, provided a departure from the familiarity of  individual methodology. the work juxtaposes here and now with there and then, distorting and combining  geographical, structural and sonic elements to keep and examine a fraction of a continuum, exploring perceptions of public and private space.

the same journey, undertaken by different individuals, even under the guise of collaboration or friendship, yields responses as various as the journey takers. the work becomes a close and detailed exploration of our place whilst revealing a relationship to our wider positions – retaining near links physically, sensorily and perceptively, we see alternative perspectives: passing through places with global and suburban concerns which differ so greatly, yet relate so closely – one unsustainable without the other.

a collaborative mix ll: that originates from one beginning one starting point giving many different views through three separate  responses coming together to be interwoven with no fixed start and no fixed end incorporating pinpricks of time in an endless spiral of everyday events positions places held after all in one collaborative situation alluding to elsewhere built through collective imaginations into a collaborative mix :ll

(this to be written on a music staff with ‘repeat from here lines’ and recited to the rhythm of a train)