Organisational Development Consultant

We are looking for a consultant to work with the board and undertake targeted areas of short-term organisational development work in order to ensure that we are adequately prepared and equipped to maximise the unique but challenging step change we are about to undertake.

The role of the lead consultant will be to assist the board and officers of the charity to map, review and ‘stress test’ our future vision and to use the results of this exercise to finalise our new business plan.

Key focus areas of work will include:
• Acting as a facilitator and ‘critical friend’ to help the board review our historical achievements, current activities and resources in order to help ground, inform and articulate our new vision and strategic plan.

• To assist in assessing organisational strengths and weaknesses through running SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) and PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors) exercises in order to help ground, inform and articulate our new vision and strategic plan.

• To formally review our future plans and assess the milestones, resources and skills implications in order to assist us setting the strategic direction of our work for the next 5-10 years.

• To review financial modelling through forecasting financial projections along with consolidating budgets across multiple projects.  The GHT business plan creates a new foundation to grow our own income and we need to ensure organisational capacity allows room for other existing and new strands of activity.

• To examine current governance procedures in order to ensure these are fit for purpose along with making recommendations to help us further develop our governance systems and assist us to plan for future board recruitment and succession planning.

• To review plans for audience development work, linked to the new GHT audience development post as well as reviewing our Equality Action Plan. To assist us develop effective ways to measure our impact and effectiveness as we look to ensure that all projects deliver on our equalities agenda and attract the broadest possible audiences.

• To consolidate the lessons drawn from the points above, and the experience of familiarising with the organisation, and to then work with the board and produce a new business plan for the organisation that assists us to flourish through and beyond the imminent step change.

• To review the information and advice gathered from our partner SCC and guidance provided by their head of HR.  From this we require a plan to improve current policies and implement new policies, systems and practices to ensure we develop an HR infrastructure and culture appropriate to a larger organisation with a larger staff team, and to ensure this supports the activities articulated in the new business plan.

• To provide advice regarding networking, software solutions and integration as well as information governance and security.  We have a budget for establishing the ICT infrastructure in GHT in terms of connectivity, networks and hardware. However, in the light of this major new project and our other future ambitions, the organisation needs to review its ICT provision to ensure this supports the activity envisaged in the new business plan.

Dates – Application and Interview
• Applications close Tuesday 27th September 2016 at 17:00
• Successful candidates will be informed on Friday 30th September 2016
• Interviews will be held at GHT on Tuesday 4th October 2016 (please hold this date upon applying) – GHT, Town Quay Road, Old Town, Southampton, SO15 2GJ
• Candidates will be informed by Friday 7th October 2016

Dates – Delivery
• Consultants must be able to start work on (or soon after) Monday 17th October 2016
• The final report and new business plan must be complete Friday 9th December 2016 (10 week delivery period).

A total of £6k is available to deliver the scope of this brief, the total fee must include expenses and VAT

For further details please contact Daniel Crow on 02380 338 778 or email

To apply for the consultancy role please email with the following information:
• An up to date CV, a fee proposal and a short statement on ‘how you would approach the work’.

For a Full Brief and Background Information please click here to download the Consultant Brief.

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