Bargate Monument Gallery

Between 2006 to 2012 ‘a space arts’ welcomed over 140, 000 visitors to The Bargate Monument Gallery, staged 42 exhibitions and has shown the work of over 250 artists.

After refurbishment, funded by the South East England Development Agency and with the support of Southampton City Council, the gallery opened in 2006. Its first exhibition featured the work of artists from the Arches Studios, another platform developed by ‘a space arts’.

Situated at the heart of Southampton’s city centre in its most historic monument. The Bargate was originally built as the main gateway to the medieval city, throughout history it has held a number of important positions that have included being the city’s Guildhall until the 1770’s and the police headquarters during WW2.

In its most recent role, The Bargate Monument Gallery served to bring emerging artistic talent to Southampton while also providing artists from the local creative community with a platform to exhibit their work and build their reputations.

For the final exhibition, in 2012, current residents from the Arches Studios were invited to provide what would be ‘The Last Picture Show’ at The Bargate Monument Gallery. However, as a testament to ‘a space arts’ ethos of growing creative communities, the space will continue providing a creative platform with Southampton Solent University using the Bargate Monument as an exhibitions and events space.

Click here to view the archive of past exhibitions at the Bargate Monument Gallery.

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