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What we offer
We provide a complete service to help you deliver public art projects. This includes artworks as part of regeneration projects involving planning conditions or obligations arising out of 106 Agreements. We also support individual artists wishing to work in the public realm.

To achieve this we draw upon our years of experience in working with artists, developers, planning officers and local authorities. We can call on a wide range of skills, working across a range of disciplines to produce artworks, which sensitively respond to a particular set of conditions or environments.

We offer a competitive fee for a comprehensive service, which sets out to commission public art that sensitively and creatively responds to its locality. Our management service provides expertise for developers to assist them deliver public art to meet planning obligations whilst at the same time offer a new creative perspective on a redevelopment site. Our aim is to commission the right artist to produce an artwork that adds to the experience of the place and increases a community’s understanding of the site’s history.

When we begin the commissioning process to create a new artwork we draw upon our network developed over 16 years, which includes 50 artists working at studios in and around Southampton. We always aim to work with local fabricators and suppliers and through this support local artists and the local economy. However, we also believe in commissioning the right artist for the right development and therefore this sometimes requires looking regionally, nationally and internationally to work with the most appropriate and inspiring artists.

If the public art element of any new development is well conceived, developed and delivered, by all project partners, the work will give the development an added dimension, create a point of interest, increase the ‘sense of place’ for the public and marketing opportunities for the developer.

Public Art – a definition
Public Art can be defined as – a work of art, in any form, designed by professional artists for a building or site that is accessible to the public. In the view of ‘a space’ public art should respond to and connect with its environment, create a sense of place and offer an interpretation of the location’s history.

From concept to completion
We offer a full service from scoping early ideas and themes with developers, to working with local authorities through the planning process, to commissioning and working with artists, through to fabrication and installation. In summary these services cover:

• Working with Local Authorities to understand the requirements of the planning permission.

• Working with developers and their architects to generate creative solutions.

• Undertaking site research including its historical, social and political context.

• Writing the artist’s brief and defining the project’s parameters, budget and timeline.

• Advising on artist selection whether its running an open tender or drawing upon our extensive networks and expertise to directly invite artists to submit proposals.

• Running the proposal stage for commissions by fielding enquiries, facilitating site visits and developing proposals with the artists.

• Working with the client and artist throughout the design process and ensuring that the final work meets the client’s expectations and that the artists is afforded space for creativity and autonomy within the framework of the artist brief.

• Liaising between the local authority, developers, artists and fabricators for the duration of the project to ensure all parties are satisfied and that planning obligations are met.

• Ensuring that the project is delivered on time and budget.

Our approach
Since ‘a space arts’ began working in 2000 we have recognised the need for Southampton to celebrate its heritage. Since then our projects have brought together visual arts with some of Southampton’s most important historic buildings such as the City Vaults and the Bargate Monument. We believe the most successful works of public create a sense of place by drawing on the history of a location as the inspirational starting point. By grounding the work of art in the history and stories of the locale public art can help better connect a new community of residents with a sites history and engender a true sense of ownership of a future development.

The commissioning process
We strongly advocate that public art is commissioned at the start of a development, so that it is integrated rather than added into a site once it is completed. Artists should be given maximum time to develop proposals and create the artwork. The following process gives you a snap short the commissioning stages:

• Meet with the client and agree a framework for commissioning an artist.

• Develop an artist brief including history, social and political context of site.

• Decide on a method for selecting the artist – direct invitation to one or several artists to develop a proposal or open tender.

• Artist appointed and initial proposal developed and researched further in terms of feasibility and costs.

• Final proposal along with budget signed off with commissioners, clients and local authorities.

• Artwork goes into production.

• Artwork is installed along with appropriate interpretation for members of the public.

Completed projects
At ‘a space’ we have completed or are currently delivering a range of public art projects for clients including property developers and housing associations. We have developed expertise over a number of years and can offer a package to suit your requirements. Please see our website for examples of completed projects – www.aspacearts.org.uk/public-art-projects other projects are currently being completed and will be added to the site in due course.

We offer a competitive management fee for a complete service with fees based on a percentage of the artistic budget.

The artistic budget covers all costs incurred by the artist and includes their fees, design and development costs, fabrication, site meetings, administration and any expenses. Our management fees are calculated at 20% of artistic budget (up to £30k) and on a sliding scale thereafter.  We are always happy to discuss a fee scale that suits your budget.

About ‘a space’ arts
The arts organisation ‘a space’ is a registered charity (1136495) that works to support the career development of artistic talent and engage the public with high quality artistic experiences. Since 2000 we have developed multiple projects to create gallery and studio projects along with professional development opportunities.

Contact details
For further information or to discuss any potential project please contact Daniel Crow on 02380 338 778 or email dan@aspacearts.org.uk

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