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Stone Carving Workshop with Thomas Kenrick

Last week saw the first phase in the Selby Place commission take place. Sculptor Thomas Kenrick invited local residents from the Selby Place development to take part in a stone carving workshop.

Thomas discussed his proposal for the commission in which he will create a 4m high stylised free-standing tree carved in Bath stone. Following on from this Thomas demonstrated stone carving and provided materials for the residents to have a go at carving, learning how to carve a soft limestone and allowing them to visually express their ideas.

Thomas Kenrick Awarded Commission

‘a space’ arts are delighted to announce sculptor Thomas Kenrick has been selected to create a public art work for the new development at Selby Place, Shirley, Southampton. For details and images of Thomas’s sculptures visit his website – www.thomaskenricksculpture.co.uk

The brief challenged artists to respond the origins of areas place name, as ‘the name Shirley means ‘bright glade’, from the Old English scir (bright) and leah (cleared land in a wood). Local belief today suggests it was meant as a ‘ bright clearing in the woods’, and later referenced to ‘a place of hope’ for those who settled there’ – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shirley,_Southampton

The notion that this new development will be ‘a place of good hope’ is the primary message the developers, Radian, want to reflect through the commissioning of a new public artwork.

Thomas responded to this, stating – Based upon the definition I will sculpt a stylised free-standing tree carved in Bath stone. Throughout history the tree has been a symbol of life and growth, and more recently it is used to represent an environmentally friendly or green agenda.

There will be a workshop for local residents to meet the artist, learn about his practice and try their hand at sculpting, Thomas says – I will provide drawing and clay modelling facilities for residents to visually express their ideas, allowing participants to ‘have a go’ at stone carving and learning how to carve in soft limestone which they can then keep.

For further information and to register interest for when the dates of the workshop are announced please email dan@aspacearts.org.uk

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