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The Long Term

My project is to rejuvenate an artistic practice which has been stifled by the commercial pressures of working freelance. Through a series of courses, meetings and visits I will explore and research how I can develop my career as an artist in the long term.

I now have a written plan which lays out the next ten years ahead of me, and coupled with a permanent contract in my new role, this sets me up to look ahead in the such longer term than felt possible when my work was freelance and hourly paid work.

The experience with the short course showed me that what’s holding me back from engaging with professional development opportunities is my lack of flexibility. So new ideas are that at this point in my career, what I need perhaps more than formal taught courses is peer group learning & support. As well as joining the mutually supportive Facebook groups Artist / Mother Society and Urban Sketchers Southampton, I have discussed with Sarah Filmer ideas for a small research / practice group and this has led to our legacy co-mentoring project in which we will discuss and share career strategies and ideas regarding practice.

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