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The Curators Room

The  Curators  Room is  a  clubhouse  for  artists,  curators  and  cultural  explorers where  ideas  are  generated,  supported  and  developed  through  research  and   experimentation.  The  running  of  The  Curators  Room has  led  to  Field  Notes   offering  artist  development  sessions  as  well  as The  Art  Counter, an  adaptable interpretation,  audience  engagement  and  evaluation  service  for  cultural events.

These  projects  are  run  across  the  South  West  by  Cat  Bagg  and  Rosie   Thomson-­Glover,  curators  at  Field  Notes.  As  a  projects  organisation,  they   support  emerging  and  established  artists  to  develop  cutting-­edge  practices   linked  to  local  communities  and  wider  cultural  contexts.

This  summer  we   actively  engaged  with  over  350  visitors  across  Cornwall as  part  of  our  Talent   Development  project,  discussing  subjects  such  as their relationship  with  arts  and   culture,  whether  art  should  be  placed  in  the public  realm,  how  they  feel   comfortable  engaging  with  contemporary  art as  well  as  what  they  find  important   and  interesting.  All  the  information we  have  collected  has  become  part  of  an   ongoing  archive  and  resource  to ensure  Field  Notes  develops  in  a  sustainable,   critically  relevant  and  locally engaged  way.

Being  able  to  list  The  Curators  Room as  a  live  and  funded   project  has helped  us  to  develop  our  CV  as  an  organisation.  This,  in  turn,  has   contributed  to  our  success  in  securing  additional  funding  to  develop  Field Notes   as  a  sustainable  organisation  and  has  led  to  further  awards  and grants  from  a   range  of  arts  and  business  funders  for  other  projects.

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