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The Freed Market

‘The Freed Market’ is a public project that aims to create a dialogue around how, in the current political and economic climate, art can function as a tool to imagine alternative futures. It will take the form of a stall in the Eastleigh markets where a programme of activities will be run such as workshops teaching people how to grow fruit and vegetables, swop shops and knitting classes. Primarily it will be a space where people can come together to talk about the kind of society they want to live in, and through the project, this growing conversation will be documented online, providing a narrative of the space as it develops.

The TDB programme has been extremely helpful in allowing me to develop my practice and created opportunities that otherwise would not of happened. It has made me think more seriously about my professional development and came at a crucial time having only recently graduated from art school. It has given me more confidence to apply for funding and propose ambitious long term projects

I have subsequently secured an intern position at Chapel Arts Studios in Andover as a Program Curator. This involves working alongside the Head Program Coordinator to develop a new strand to Chapel Arts that is more discursive and research driven.

This gives me the opportunity to continue the research my own practice is informed by in a much more supported and collaborative environment. It also increases my employability and skills set should I look to apply for jobs within other art organisations.

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