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Founding a small press

Fungus Press aims to provide a platform for the representation and distribution of artists’ work that is being made outside of formal education and/or in geographic isolation. The project will represent both a commitment to the rejuvenation of print and to experimental online formats. Funding from the Talent Development Programme will enable us to connect with other print journals around the country as well as design and print the first edition of the journal.

Since starting the press & building a group of contributors and contacts, we have gained a much bigger support group than we had as individual artists. As a result of this we have a number of potential stockists & a commission for a poster project. Conversations with our mentor were particularly constructive.

We have achieved a level of web presence that represents our aims well and achieves a level of pragmatism, especially in regards to the ratio of time spent maintaining it to level of visibility/ease of using the online shop.

The process of producing the artist’s editions has been another source of new knowledge, as well as being a hugely enjoyable part of the Press that we are both passionate about continuing.

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