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To Folkestone: Exhibiting, participating, meeting and exchanging on the Fringe

Stair/Slide/Space collective will be working in Folkestone with B&B Project space to hold an exhibition and run participatory sessions at the time of Folkestone Triennial, aiming to meet, exchange and develop new relationships in wider south coast areas.

We’ve learnt a lot about the logistics of planning an exhibition and how we need to be more assertive to achieve our aims throughout a project. We feel that now, we’d have realistic expectations when being involved in future projects, and would be more aware of how to approach certain tasks.

During this project we have started to spend more time looking closely at one another’s individual practices and thinking about how the collective can support these practices. We have definitely pushed forward with thinking about sharing a studio again, and feel more than ever that we are passionate about working as a collective.

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