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Space for discussion: What does it mean to be an artist led organisation?

unit11studios has been a successful, independent, Southampton based studio project for the last 3 years. The Talent Development bursary offers the opportunity to dedicate a set period of time to researching our core themes and values through a programme of studio visits and collaborative exchanges with other artist run spaces.

TD2 has been incredibly useful for unit11studios, it has provided a dedicated period of time for us to reflect on how we have been operating over the past three years and whether we want to continue to do so. We have been able to pick apart the nuances of what we are and evaluate them against the reasons unit11 was set up in the first place.

We have achieved the targets we set out to in our original proposal, although not exactly in the way we may have first thought. We have reflected on unit11 and expanded our understanding of what and why it is in relation to other artist run groups around us. We have been able to negotiate very significant changes within its structure, and have successfully achieved a greater level of engagement from other studio members, many of which have offered to take on more responsibility for the day-to-day running.

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