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Round 1 Projects

Moving towards performance with narratives of social change

The bursary helped propel my creative practice towards the medium of performance through a one-month apprenticeship at The Bread and Puppet Theatre in Vermont, Canada. The bursary allowed me to take up this opportunity and then, on return to Southampton, develop new work, which drew on this learning experience.

The bursary covered travel costs to Vermont, living expenses during the apprenticeship and materials to develop the new work.

Repositioning my profile as a surface pattern designer

The bursary was used to instigate a professional surface pattern portfolio, which launched a new creative business focused on designs for licensing and reproduction to third parties.

The bursary covered the cost of two training courses in Adobe Suite, the purchase of a laptop to continue the development of my practice as well as hosting for my website.

Drawing on time

The bursary allowed me to create time and space to develop work, which facilitated a shift in working methods. It provided a concentrated period to build my illustration portfolio with the aid of a series of portfolio consultations.

The bursary covered the cost of website development, portfolio consultation, childcare and travel costs to London in order to build new relationships with clients.

Follow Esther on her blog to follow the progress of her project.

Creating ‘Southampton Ware’ – taking influences from local medieval ceramics

The bursary provided the opportunity to develop a new line of studio ceramics titled ‘Southampton Ware’, which incorporates medieval influences and sculptural elements. Alongside I developed a business plan and marketing strategy to increase sales and exhibition opportunities for the work.

The bursary covered the cost of research trips, materials to create the work and supported the process of taking the work to market in order to test public reaction.

Practice beyond exhibitions

This bursary allowed me to produce work in response to the high profile King Alfred archaeological project in Winchester. I developed new skills in a range of printmaking techniques and bookbinding. The project also provided the opportunity to forge new relationships with local educational establishments and gave my practice national exposure.

The bursary covered the costs of printmaking courses, travel, photography as well as framing and packing the final work.

Rules of engagement

The bursary allowed me to develop a new body of work entitled ‘don’t mention the poor’, which captured the lives of people living in Southampton in order to broaden awareness of our individual and collective roles in the community. The work was produced using painting, drawing and site specific performance and aimed to increase my exhibition and representation opportunities with galleries.

The bursary covered the cost of developing the new work, portfolio consultancy and travel expenses for network building and promotional activities.

Giving Peace Faces

The bursary provided the opportunity for me to travel to Israel and develop an international photography project. I worked with grassroots organisations involved with campaigning for peace that worked through dialogue to create non-confrontational relationships across different communities.

The bursary covered travel and photography costs. Follow this projects progress on Fang’s blog

Professionalising practice

The bursary facilitated my process of moving from a post-graduate to a professional practitioner. I did this by developing an online portfolio in order to share and publicise my work. This portfolio has become an invaluable tool when making applications for public art commissions and open exhibitions.

The bursary covered the cost of website development, hosting and training to continue developing the portfolio.

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