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Arches Studios

The Arches studios gives emerging artists a base from which they can develop and grow their practices, whilst also providing Southampton with a new cultural dynamic; one of assisting creative talents at a grass roots level.

Through invaluable funding from the Southampton Partnership and SEEDA, alongside support from Southampton City Council, the Arches studios project was born in 2004. The catalyst for this came from the city’s awareness that support was required to assist Southampton’s creative talent. By converting old storage arches under the historic Central Bridge an affordable and supportive environment has been created.

In February 2005 Arch 10 opened offering seven spaces, closely followed by Arch 8 in September, offering a further nine. The sites have since been expanded across Arches 7 and 4 to now offer space for 23 residents, alongside a hireable workshop and gallery space.

The conversion and establishment of the Arches contributes to the city’s creative economy and marks a significant turning point in what Southampton offers those pursuing a career in the creative industries.Alongside affordable space in which to develop, the Arches studios provides an environment where the diverse practices of the residents meet, creating an exciting and varied supportive network. Residents are encouraged to contribute to the studios and engage with the wider community through organising exhibitions and open studios.

You can read more about the residents in our 2016/17 Directory which you can read and download here.

For further information regarding the Arches Studios please email: ria@aspacearts.org.uk

Arches Studios
(No 10 & 08) Captains Place (under Central Bridge)
Terminus Terrace
S014 3FE

You can find the Arches Studios on google maps here.

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