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Beverley Daniels

Beverley graduated as a fine art painter from Winchester School of Art in 1995. For the next thirteen years she painted landscapes from her Fareham studio which she exhibited and sold in the UK and abroad.

In 2008 she began teaching art to adults, organising and tutoring regular classes and art holidays. Whilst she enjoyed the experience of teaching it left no time for her own painting. In 2016 she joined the Arches studio community in Southampton to focus on her own art once more.

She has begun by experimenting with mixed media inspired by landscape, seascape and portraits.


Chris Cudlip

Chris has a background in special effects working as a freelance figurative sculptor and prop maker in London working for companies as varied as English national Opera, Madame Tussauds and Pinewood Studios.

He is now pursuing a solo career from the Arches Studios where he is available for public or private commissions of any size.

Chris is a highly skilled sculptor recognisable for several public art commissions in Southampton.

He works across a range of mediums including wood, clay, brick and even a series of works using recycled milk bottles.


Jilly Evans

In using stereotypical female mediums like knitting Jilly endeavours to find an appropriate language for ‘woman’ within our culture.

It is important to her that her work looks aesthetically pleasing and decorative then within it she juxtaposes the use of aggressive, non-feminine language and concepts of the feminine and female. Humour can play an important and deliberate role within her work. Initially to disarm the viewer until they realise the underlying subversion within the piece undermining the established and historic traditions of these female mediums.

Recently she has been investigating ideas of community: exhibiting ‘Knitted Comforts’ at Solent Showcase; being one of eight artists working on GHT-a reincarnation, and fulfilling her second commission from Unite The Union for a traditionally handmade banner.


Oliver Hall

Oliver considers himself a multi-media artist although his primary focus, or underpinning practice, is drawing. He feels that sometimes the concept better suits a different use of media and having more room to explore different practices and materials creates new patterns in thought through experience, trial and error and self reflection.

Through his own perspective and with his cultural background in mind, Oliver is concerned with the roles which we play in life. His focus in on existential reasonings for being an artist and how that corresponds with the subject matter. For example, he does not want to just make Environmental Art and reference the subject too directly but instead reflect on it and explore the way in which it is a part of a bigger picture within Human Nature or The Human Condition.


Pauline Pratt

Currently Pauline is creating a collection of mixed media artworks consisting of hand-dyed silks, found fabric and reflective metals. These deliver shifts of striking colour and luminosity when intermingled with each other; the effect of these constructions is unique.

We are invited to imagine own personal intimate narratives within the works. However, a major influence on Pauline’s research has been the sensitive subject of health and science.

Pauline studied Creative Arts at Bath Spa College where she also held a fellowship in Fine Art before completing an MA in Painting at Winchester School of Art with distinction. As a funded Leverhulme artist-in-residence at the UoS School of Medicine, she has been involved in a number of art/science projects, films and exhibitions. A number of her works were shown on BBC4 series ‘Beauty of Anatomy’. In 2015 she completed a commission for an interactive artwork at the Institute of Life Sciences Building.


Emily Brown

Emily makes mugs and bowls from her studio, using a pottery wheel to throw and trim the forms. She has recently started to use hand-building techniques to make smaller items. The exploration of hand-building has also given her the opportunity to add natural texture to the surface of the vessel.

Emily has also started exploring molding the human form, and objects such as tin cans, using alginate and plaster of paris. The detail achieved in these casts fascinate her, and she’s really enjoyed the process of learning more about the techniques used.

She also offers pottery throwing and handbuilding workshops, if you are interested in having a go get in contact!


Jodie Walters

Jodie’s current work explores the notion of exposure on both a physical and psychological level while confronting the challenges involved in getting to know someone – how well you get to know a person depends on how much they are willing to divulge and how much you dare try uncover for yourself.

This idea is reflected in the fact that most of the written layers that are woven into each artwork are unreadable which also suggests secrecy, a need to keep something hidden while, adversely, the actual existence of such artwork implies a willingness to share or at least provide a hint.


Jo Willoughby

Embracing an experimental practice, Jo considers the potential semiotics of the seemingly mundane. Focusing on symbols, signs, markers and tokens in the everyday, attempting to piece together ambiguous and potentially familiar narratives.

She is particularly interested in how humans interact with the world around them and how touch, action and thought process can be represented with seemingly static assemblages and installations.

Jo is also a core member of the artist collective Stair/Slide/Space and regularly runs workshops for arts organisations including John Hansard Gallery.


Jaime West

Sculptor; Fine artist; and Modelmaker. Specialising in hyper-realism and Wood Carving. With Art and Design Diploma, ‘Winchester School of Arts Achievement Award’ and BA Hons Degree in Modelmaking. Currently sculpting an Exhibition piece and preparing to host Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes (Arch 4, every Tuesday, 7pm). Through free ‘Sahaja Yoga’, simple techniques have shown (among numerous other benefits) to enhance artistic creativity.

For further details of this transformational experience, please visit: www.freemeditation4all.org

For Sculpting workshops/classes, please call: 07928 582205.

Sophie Frost

Sophie is a painter, print maker and sculptor.

Having graduated from the Slade school of Art in 2016 her work has been developing further towards creating her own visual vocabulary. The work takes up interest in themes of ancient cultures, craft and ornament as well as aesthetically influenced by animation and illustration from the 70’s.

Often working with paint, wood and fabric she makes large-scale works that closely relate to drawings and collages that are inspired by nature and play between figuration and abstraction.

Sophie is currently taking her work into bespoke set design as well as London exhibitions.

Celeste Ingrams

Celeste uses drawing as a process to explore language – markings out of physical – mental – emotional environments – she does this through various means.

Currently trying to understand more performative approaches – the ongoing flux of relationship with herself in the landscapes – inner and outer – bodies – surroundings – systems – she attempts to build narratives – that keep slipping away – usually just reflecting the fragmentation and tensions.

She grapples with public and private boundaries and personal and social communications – often seen with a trolley – she has been based at the arches studio since the end of last year.

Nicky Anderson

Nicola’s practice is rooted in experimentation and process. Her work explores themes that relate to Communication, Technology and Systems.

From simplicity to complexity of process to somewhere in between, the journey takes an awkward route thorough the challenges of our everyday.

Nicola is currently based in Southampton.


Lizzie Jones

Lizzie currently makes paintings, prints, zines, giant puppets and participatory performances.

The work often highlights issues of militarism and peace, by playful means and alongside Puppet Back Up, with sketchy turning-up situations in time.

Lizzie’s paintings reflect on more intimate challenges of daily life as well as nature’s delights. Lizzie is a prominent artist in the city and works across a huge variety of mediums. Previous exhibitions include a solo show at Harbour Lights’ gallery space.

Puppet Back Up

Asten Holmes-Elliott

Asten is an artist and filmmaker whose work examines ideas of identity, otherness and belonging. They use a variety of mediums including illustration, painting, photography and filmmaking to research, archive and historicise fringe communities and resist their erasure and exclusion. Asten uses unconventional gallery space to encourage accessibility and approachability whilst amplifying visibility and community cohesion. Many exhibitions are interactive, where both artist and audience become performer and subject.

They have worked with the BBC, The Wellcome Collection, and the GOMA – their work has been shown worldwide.Most recently, Asten has been looking at the use of artistic practice as a tool for speculative futures with a particular focus on sustainable living and community-building.


Tim Caves

Tim makes wooden flutes which are modern copies of the classical ones used by orchestras in the 19th century and earlier, he also repairs woodwind instruments. Making him a highly skilled and experienced craftsman.

He is principally a creative artist who has turned his hand to making flutes, if you buy or commission a flute from Tim he regards the manufacture as an artistic endeavour rather than as just producing a product.

He doubts that this artistic philosophy will make him wealthy but hopefully will leave the world with some good flutes. If your need further details visit his website.


Jethro German

Jethro German’s work takes inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including televised sport, film tropes and news stories. A graduate of Chelsea College of Art and Design, Jethro currently lives in Southampton.


John Suckling

John has worked as a saddle maker for much of his career, eventually becoming one of only a handful of Master Saddlers in the UK.

He has now adapted his talents and expertise to making leather goods for sale.

Specialising in high quality leather goods with a fine attention to detail and quality finishes John creates a range of bespoke products including phone covers, laptop & tablet cases, tool belts and plenty more.

The business is a joint endeavour with his son who has a successful background in online clothes retail.

Stewart Beckett

With a HnD in Illustration from Southampton Institute (Solent University), Stewart now focuses his work on adapting traditional painting techniques to capture contemporary images, working largely with figurative subjects.

Having been a heat finalist on Sky Art Landscape and Sky Art Portrait Artist of the Year, he now teaches students the basics of capturing form and the benefits of observational drawing.


Steve White

Originally from London, Steve came to Southampton in 2008 to attend university and has been here ever since to pursue a career as a painter. Steve White (aka Stefan Bianco) co-founded unit11studios in 2010 and has exhibited regularly throughout this time as well as completing a successful period as artist in residence at Southampton Solent University.

Philosophy and reflection are a huge component in steve’s work, which is concerned with the pursuit of acceptance – not only on a personal level but also of the systems in which our species operates.

Jose Lopez

Jose Lopez is a visual artist, drawer, cartoonist, illustrator, painter, 2d animator, designer, sculptor and photographer.

He has Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts by Animation and Design techniques by The San Carlos Faculty of The Technical University of Valencia, Spain and now lives in Southampton.


Kristine Erminasa

Kristine is a mixed media visual artist who is interested in the complexities of the human condition in particular psychology, biology and the latest discoveries surrounding human behaviour.

She primarily works with metal wire, expanding foam and silicon sealant, using these materials in a different way from which they were originally intended.

Her intention is to experiment with these particular materials often using them in construction to make contemporary artworks.

Kristine has a BA Fine Art degree from Solent University and various awards including ‘Graduate Artist in Residence Award’ from Solent Showcase Gallery.


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