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Iris Hill

Illustrator Lisa Gardner works under the name Iris Hill creating signature pen, ink and watercolour pictures for greetings cards available countrywide through publishers Carte Blanche Greetings and Gemma International.

She is currently developing a range of wrapping papers alongside her greetings cards, showing her work at a trade fair in Islington.

But Lisa is particularly interested in furthering her passion for children’s picture books as a writer/illustrator, partly informed by work in youth arts development and school visits. She has already created central characters and developed a series of story lines.


Karen Head Textile Artist

Karen Head is a textile artist using hand-dyed felt and carefully selected threads to create painterly nuno artwork and nuno scarves. It is the hand-dying which particularly distinguishes her work giving it variations in character.

However it is her growing body of nuno artwork, based on family history, social history and place that is her passion. She has used her skills with painting and drawing with felt, using fibres and yarns to create washes and marks, to create distinctive textile artwork that draws on photographs, maps and memories, creating expressive abstract pieces.

Karen is also well-established as a tutor of felt-making.


Denise Hughes

Denise Hughes is an illustrator with her work being featured across a range of greetings cards, giftwrap and giftware, including ceramics, sold worldwide.

Denise is a fine art graduate from Winchester School of Art working in mixed media using watercolours, acrylics and paper cutting. Her charming, joyful, character-driven illustrations usually feature children and animals. They are inspired by her own children and her love of animals and influenced by the work of children’s book illustrators David Tazzyman and Quentin Blake. Denise herself is very keen to move into illustrating children’s books and is currently developing a portfolio of relevant work.

Denise has also run art clubs in schools and workshops with children.

Denise Hughes.co.uk

Jo Tinley

Joanne makes hand-crafted jewellery to last lifetimes, designed with care to be cherished and passed down the generations, yet intended to be worn every day.

A gift of love, a precious reminder of the birth of a child, an 18th birthday treasure, or a simply a treat for yourself to celebrate how unique you are.

Joanne also runs workshops and one-on-one jewellery-making sessions.


Helen McArdle

Helen McArdle’s costume design business has grown out of her own passion for historical costume.

Helen is a graduate of Wimbledon School of Art, has worked in theatre, including the Royal Shakespeare Company, and has an MA in historical textile and dress. She is also a member of the Hampshire Regency Dancers who have a reputation for historically accurate costume.

Helen has provided costumes for museums, theatre, re-enactors and dancers, and she specialises in men’s costume.


Linda Miller Embroideries

Linda Miller makes one-off, framed and unframed machine embroideries using an industrial Berina 950 sewing machine.

Using her distinctive, unique style, she creates rich, colourful, naive and humorous embroideries which contain figures set in the outdoors, always happy, always smiling, and usually depicted within a story.

Her work is exhibited successfully throughout the UK, Europe and the USA, and she has pieces held in the Southern Arts collection and within the permanent textile and dress collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum.


Junko O’neill

Junko is a fine artist creating figurative and abstract work informed by the Japanese concept of Ma which considers negative space to have a form of existence.

Ma can refer to performance, poetry and other aesthetic forms, but Junko plays with the concept within her paintings. She uses different techniques, including building up thin layers of paint, to suggest air, to create ambiguity and tension, a sense of alienation, impending action and passing time.

Junko’s work has already been widely exhibited including a solo show, Fragments of Time, at GVArt, London.


Mariska Parent

Mariska Parent is a textile and wallpaper designer currently developing a range of luxury wallpapers, lampshades and cushions.

Mariska is a graduate in textile design from Bath Spa University with a love of drawing and painting (her Pond series paintings were exhibited in an Alresford gallery). She uses her own artwork, inspired by a diverse range of sources from lace to ships and butterflies to florals, and mixes mediums, to create layers, to develop her distinctive, quirky designs. She also employs different methods of print, specialising in in silk screen, sublimation and digital print.

Mariska is available for commissions.


Anita van den Broek Textiles

From a passion for fabric and sewing Anita has developed into a free machine embroidery artist with an inspired, expressive approach. She is currently experimenting with different fabrics, stitches and mixed media effects, such as painting and screen printing onto fabrics.

Anita is particularly interested in creating memories and feelings within her work by incorporating both traditional and new media such as edited images, words and mementos to create individual pieces to commission.

Anita also works her fabric creations into distinctive bags, notebooks and phone covers.


Claire Vine

Textile designer Claire Vine trained as a knitwear designer at Winchester School of Art and has since gone on to win a number of accolades and awards.

In 2010 Claire established the Elsy & Vine label selling quirky, colourful pieces for the home. Under this label she continues to experiment, and she is currently developing her interest in mixed media textiles layering vintage French linens, handprinting and embroidery and modern materials such as perspex to create a range of framed wall pieces, cushions, rugs and lampshades as well as one-off concept pieces.

She likes her pieces to be imbued with a sense of other lives lived. In addition she draws inspiration from her environment, such as a collection of work entitled Park Life suggested by local public recreational space.

Claire also teaches and runs workshops and enjoys passing on creative skills to others through community projects.


Eve Dawson

Eve Dawson is a visual artist interested in abstract expressionism and 3-D drawing working with found materials such as wire and cabling.

She has a BA and MA in fine art from Winchester School of Art, has held solo exhibitions in Winchester and had worked accepted for the prestigious National Open Art Exhibition.

Eve describes her work as visual responses to life experiences of journeying, environment, place and space. Urban decay, the backs of buildings and an obsession with road signs inform her work.

She is very interested in how creatives choose to make their mark, use of colour, perception and response and artistic identity, and is considering developing classes in expressive drawing.



Dreamed up from our love of interior design we aim to bring to you inspiration, tutorials and maybe you’ll take a fancy to some of our own unique upcycled and hand crafted pieces for your own home.

Introducing MOULOU a family affair…

Mia Mou ~ the nimble fingered arty one, working at her best with a sewing machine to create unique craft and textile items.

Lara Lou ~ the DIY queen, Lara loves nothing better being armed with a screwdriver and paintbrush to bring out the potential in unloved pieces creating something beautiful and practical.


Jill Brennan

Jill Rose Brennan is a textile artist, quilter, tutor and teacher.

She works with fabrics, paints, dyes and stitch. She draws not only with pencil, charcoal and pen, but also her sewing machine. She make pictures, quilts, wall-hangings and textile pieces for churches, exhibitions and commissions.

She loves designing. She loves making. Her inspiration comes from the natural and everyday world around her – whether it’s dog-walkers in the morning, the flowers on the kitchen table or maybe from travels in her small camper van.


Miesje Chafer

I have always had a love of textiles, right from a young age when I used to knit terrible scarves full of holes, up until now, when I am fortunate enough to make a living from fabric.

My products, which are all hand screen printed and handmade by me, tend to be bright and bold; I like to try to incorporate a wide range of different fabrics into my work including cotton, linen, silk, leather and occasionally something more unusual such as neoprene. I am inspired by the desire to create things that are not only beautiful, but also functional and I strive to maintain a high level of quality across my whole range of products.

I am always happy to undertake commissions, so if there is something you would like in a particular colour or pattern that isn’t available on this site, just send me an email and I’ll do my best to meet your specifications.


Cathy McCarthy Jewellery

I design and create original jewellery which is slightly quirky and very wearable. I love making jewellery and I especially enjoy translating what I see, hear and feel in everyday life into little wearable pieces of art. I work in precious metals and I particularly love using Sterling silver and traditional jewellery making techniques.

I studied 3 Dimensional Design at Portsmouth College of Art and Design. I then trained in Jewellery making and Silversmithing while living in Edinburgh, which is where I set up Angelwing Jewellery in 2007.


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